Released Software

Here is were I put software that I want to make publically accessible. Unless otherwise stated, all software available for download here was written by either me, or is a production of some development team I (am|was) part of.

The things available here can be divided into a number of categories. That has not been done.


gentoo is a Linux filemanager using a GTK+ GUI. It is easily the largest program I've ever written, and is also one of the coolest. :^) It has its own home over on Obsession's web server, so go there to check it out! New releases are always announced on Freshmeat, with links to our own server.

As of September 1 2002, I no longer keep a local copy here at KTH. Use SourceForge, it works.

Please note that all 0.11.x releases of gentoo really require GTK+ version 1.2.x. If that's a problem for your system, it is very old indeed. To get the right stuff, visit the obvious place.

SokoBan version 1.2 for GameBoy (released 1998-03-05)
Here's a new version of the SokoBan for GameBoy I wrote during the summer of 1997. There are no fundamental changes; the biggest thing is a slight redesign of the in-game menu, making it a lot easier to use. You can grab the entire archive (with ROM image and documentation in HTML, ~30 KB ZIP file) right here. Or, if you're kind of a sceptic, you can sneak a peek at the documentation, which is fairly complete - it even has screenshots!

NOTE: I do _not_ have any "original version" of SokoBan, so there is no point in e-mailing me asking for one.

Original SokoBan release (version 1.10)
To save on my rather precious WWW space, the older version has been removed. The current version replaces the original completely, so any old links you might have should still work and point at the current release. If you're desperate for the original version for some bizarre reason, don't hesitate to let me know.