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Mindfunk was an interesting and innovative American alternative hard rock band that emerged in the late 80's. They released three albums, the last one in 1995, before disbanding. Their albums remain amongst the best kept secrets in hard rock, with sounds ranging from funk to grunge and preceding the whole stoner-rock underground movement.

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MIND FUNK (Epic/Sony - 4677902)
  1. Sugar Ain't So Sweet [sound]
  2. Ride & Drive
  3. Bring It On [sound]
  4. Big House Burning
  5. Fire
  6. Blood Runs Red
  7. Sister Blue [sound]
  8. Woke Up This Morning
  9. Innocence [sound]
  10. Touch You [sound]

Lyrics courtesy of the sleeve

Patrick Dubar - vocals
Louis Svitek - guitar
Jason Coppola - guitar, vocals
John Monte - bass, vocals
Reed St.Mark - drums

produced by Jan Eliasson and Mind Funk; recorded at El Sound Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark

DROPPED (Megaforce - CDZAZ3)
  1. Goddess
  2. Closer
  3. Drowning
  4. In The Way Eye [sound]
  5. Zootiehead
  6. Wisteria
  7. Mama, Moses And Me [sound]
  8. 11 Ton Butterfly [sound]
  9. Hogwallow [sound]
  10. Billygoat
  11. Hollow

Lyrics courtesy of Aaron Carlson

Patrick Dubar - vocals
Louis Svitek - guitar, vocals
Jason Everman - guitar, vocals
John Monte - bass
Shawn Johnson - drums

produced by Terry Date; recorded at Bad Animals Studios, Seattle, WA

  1. Rift Valley Fever
  2. Superchief [sound]
  3. Seasick
  4. Deep End
  5. People Who Fell From The Sky [sound]
  6. Weird Water
  7. Aluna
  8. 1000 Times
  9. Kill The Messenger
  10. Acrobats Falling [sound]

Patrick Dubar - vocals
Louis Svitek - guitar
Frank Ciampi - bass
Shawn Johnson - drums

produced by Mindfunk and Van Christie; recorded at Warzone1 Recorders



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