The Title of my thesis is:
Secure Distributed Communication in SAFEERLANG
It is a part of the SafeErlang project, which aims to make Erlang safer in open distributed environments.

Here can you download a copy of my master's thesis.  You can also read the abstract of my thesis to get a brief overview of my work.

               SafeErlang is a project that aims to make the programming language
               Erlang more safe in open distributed environments. This involves
               limitations on resource usage, access control on objects, distributed code
               loading and secure communication. This thesis is a step towards a true
               implementation of this concept, and addresses secure communication
               between Erlang nodes.

               Means to establish secure communication is presented as well as problems
               one has to defeat when secure communicating in an open media is the
               goal. Although this thesis involves a specific programming language the
               way this task is solved is not language dependent, and therefore of interest
               even in a broader sense.

               A well-known protocol and open-source implementation is modified and
               integrated in the distribution layer of the Erlang run-time system.

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