Download Chindi

The client and the server are located in two different packages. If you plan to run a server, you must
also download the client since it is used to configure the server.
Current build: on
Click here to download the client or the server.
Click here to download both the client and the server.
NOTE: Chindi uses strong 256-bit encryption, so make sure this is not illegal in your country before downloading.
This is an early release and we appreciate all bugreports and comments. Click here to send a bugreport/comment.


Just unzip to a directory of your choice and execute the script included in the package ("run-server/client-linux" if
you are running any flavor of Unix or "run-server/client-win.bat" if your are running Windows) to start it.
If you get an error-message saying that the OS can't find the Java executable, make sure the bin directory
of your JRE (Java Runtime Environment) is in your path. In Windows this would typically be