The ChordPro Guitar Archive at

This guitar archive is an anonymous ftp server containing 3037 guitartunes formatted for the CHORD utility. The CHORD utility is copyright by Martin Leclerc ( and Mario Dorion (

This archive is mirroring OLGA's collection of ChordPro songs as well as most all ChordPro songs posted to both newsgroups and In addition I am converting songs which are in a fairly good chord format to the ChordPro format.

If you want to make a contribution to the archive please read the notice on submissions below.

Table of contents

The structure of this archive is as follows:

./INDEX			: A nicely formatted index of all songs 
			  and files at this archive.

./FLAT.INDEX		: Another index especially useful for 
			  'grep' and for use with the 'getit' 

./Documents/		: Directory containing some useful 
			  information and documents (FAQ v4.2,
			  Sample .chordrc file, a list of all 
			  available guitar Software and a 
			  Postscript ChordChart)

./Incoming/		: In this directory you can 'put' your 
			  submissions. See note below!

./Programs/		: The CHORD program (version 3.5, 3.6)+ 
			  other utility programs.

./README		: This README file.

./New.<month>		: A list of new/updated files during 
			  the month <month>.

./All_<month>.tar.gz	: All new/updated songs in a gzip'ed 
			  tar archive.

./New.This.Week		: List of files new/updated/modified 
			  during the last 7 days.

./<letter>/<artist>	: The songs themselve... 
			 See on naming conventions below.

Naming conventions.

Artists are archived by their last name. Groupnames with prefix 'The.Group' are archived alphabetically by groupname not under 't'.
The songs of Bryan Adams and Tom Petty are archived as:
For groups as The Cure or The Zombies:

Suffix conventions.

That's an easy one... There is only one! All files, if they contain a song, have the suffix *.chopro as this is a ChordPro archive :)


Contributions to the archive are as always very welcomed. If you want to submit a file either send it by mail to:

Or ftp it to the ./Incoming directory at this archive (See for help on ftp below or read the FAQ 'Guide to the guitar archives'). When sub- mitting a file please make sure the file contains title and author/artist.

Due to copyright law no files that contain material taken from songbooks or magazines will be archived at this archive.

As this is a ChordPro archive, files in ChordPro format are especially welcome; but crd format songs are welcomed as well and I'll try to convert them myself.
Collections of files in formats as shar, zip, gzip, tar are accepted.

FTP instructions

To get a file from the archive follow step 1-5 below:

  1) Open a ftp-connection with:
  prompt> ftp
  You should get a response similar to:
	Connected to
	220 FTP server (SunOS 4.1) ready.
	Name (
  2) Use 'anonymous' as login name (eg):
	Name ( anonymous
  You should get a response similar to:
  	331 Guest login ok, send ident as password.
  3) Give your email address as password. And this should result in:
	230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.
  4) Go to the guitardirectory with the command:
	ftp> cd home/f91-jsc/guitar
  5) Now go to the desired directory and get a file (for ex.):
	ftp> cd c/Leonard.Cohen
	ftp> get EverybodyKnows.chopro

To submit a file to the archive follow step 1-4 as above, then:

  1)-4) As above.
  5) Go into the Incoming directory:
	ftp> cd Incoming
  6) Drop the file(s) there using 'put':
	ftp> put song


If you want to send me any comments/suggestions please send them to or fill out this form.

NEVER contact root as they have nothing what so ever to do with this archive!!! I run this archive privatly from my account.

If you see any spelling mistakes, or files that have been wrongly named or placed in the wrong directory, please notify me about the error at:

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