This program is no longer being developed, because I do not use OS/2. If you are willing to maintain the program, let me know.

HFS/2 - A Hierarchical File System Driver for OS/2

HFS/2 lets OS/2 users seamlessly read and write files on diskettes formatted with the Hierarchical File System, the file system used by Macintosh computers. With HFS/2, Macintosh diskettes can be used just as if they were regular diskettes.

HFS/2 is based on Robert Leslie's hfsutils.

Package overview

HFS/2 consists of several parts:

Current status

HFS/2 is in an experimental stage, and still has bugs and problems. It currently works with 1.44MB diskettes and CD-ROMs.

See the version history for more information.


HFS/2 is free software, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. The source code is included in the archive.

Experimental versions

This area contains experimental versions of various parts of the HFS/2 package. Just like the "official" versions, they may or may not work, and I take no responsibility in any case. You have been warned.

Known problems

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