I no longer maintain this program. See below for information on current maintainer.

iHPFS - An HPFS Driver for DOS

The OS/2 operating system introduces a new file system, the High Performance File System (HPFS). HPFS has many advantages over the FAT system that DOS uses. However, it is usually impossible to access files on an HPFS partition without booting OS/2.

iHPFS makes it possible for OS/2 users to use their HPFS partitions when they boot plain DOS. The HPFS partition is assigned a drive letter, and can be accessed like any DOS drive. iHPFS is restricted to read-only access.

iHPFS is easy to install and convenient to use, as it acts like any DOS drive. Data files and programs on the HPFS partition may be read and executed, or copied to other drives.


iHPFS is free software, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. The source code is included in the archive.

How to get iHPFS

Veit Kannegieser is the current maintainer of iHPFS. He has made new releases.

The last version of iHPFS made by me was 1.28.

If iHPFS cannot access some of your HPFS partitions, you can get the program HPFSinfo and run it from plain DOS. It will produce a file called HPFSINFO.REP, that you can mail to the current maintainer. The file will contain some useful information about your disks.

Known problems

Apparently iHPFS 1.28 does not work well with Caldera OpenDOS 7.02.

Marcus Better / Marcus dot Better at abc dot se