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"Tiger" being a TI92 emulator by Jonas Minnberg

March 3rd


If you haven't noticed already, Tiger has been ported to Macintosh by Arthur Petry, and is available here. I have been pretty busy with other things lately, but I have been working a bit on Tiger v0.8 - which is a major restrucutring of the sourcecode to make it much easier to port. Maybe you'll finally see a Win32 port. The latest release (for Linux/X11) is still v0.75

January 20th


I had a long discussion with David Ellsworth yesterday and after a slightly heated debate we agreed that David would not be co-developing Tiger with me, but rather start writing his own TI92-emulator when he gets time. There are several reasons for this, one being that David is (as some of us know :) something of a perfectionist (which is having a very postive impact on Fargo II I must say) and this makes it hard for him not to change the Tiger source to exactly the way he wants it - while I find it hard to accept things like this changing in my code.

Anyway, David fixed a small bug in his v0.71 patch of Tiger which made the state-file loading fail. This is released as Tiger v0.72 and can be downloaded here, both the X-Version and the SVGALib-version. This is still the only version that supports masked ROMS (and also autodetects ROM type).

So maybe you will see a kick-ass TI92 emulator from David in the future, but in the meantime I hope you'll enjoy the new version of XTiger.

Oh, and by the way, the problem with file-loading is appearantly something that some people have encountered, and has nothing to do with Davids patch. Just E-MAIL bugreports PLEASE! All I get is hundreds of letters asking for ROM-dumps.

January 19th - Update

Belive it or not, I've started coding on Tiger again. Since Davids v0.71 patch somehow fucked up the state saving (and, according to Synth, file loading... but what does he know? ;) I've made a new version from v0.7 but using Davids changes to the X11-interface to support 16 & 32bpp. A beta of this update to XTiger can be downloaded here... (Note: Only Linux/X11 Pentium version!) The news is that XTiger now has a beutiful scanned TI92 as a background, and all the buttons (except the Cursor-button, sorry :) are clickable! If you don't want this start tiger with "xtiger -back 0" and it behaves as before.

Here is a screenshot

More updates will follow soon.

September 8th - News

Allthough I've taken a break after releasing v0.7, some things have happened that should be mentioned:

August 19th - Update!

v0.7 for Linux/SVGALIB, Linux/X11 & MS-DOS. Have no time to update this page right now, but all files can be found at my ftp:

(P.S Grayscale supported!)

August 12th - Screenshots & Info

Tiger now supports grayscale and I got an X11-version running. The new version 0.7 will be released as soon as I fix a timerinterrupt-bug.
In the meantime, enjoy the screenshots.

v0.61 for Linux contains a bug - when you enter the debugger, you can not continue the emulation again. This is fixed now and will work in 0.7

Agust 10th - Update!

Tiger v0.61beta UPDATE available for Linux. No new documentation, just binary and CHANGES-file

August 8th - Update!

Version 0.6beta has been released for both DOS and Linux/SVGALIB. New features include:

What is it?

Tiger is an emulator for the TI92 - a powerful calculator from Texas Instruments. It's written entirely in C, using the 68k-emulation routines from UAE, the fameous Amiga emulator. You will always need a real ROM-dump from the TI92 to run it.


Thanks must go to:

David Ellsworth - For his great work on Fargo and source of information needed to make the emulator.
Bernd Schmidt - For making UAE fromwhich I isolated the 68k emulation core.

Contacting me

#IRC: Sasq


The last one I always read periodically, but the first one I read much more often if I'm at work.

How to Download

From now on, all versions are only downloadable via anonymous FTP at:

Before downloading, first remember that it is Beta, which means it propably has many bugs left. Also be aware of that I take no responsability if something bad should happen to you or your freinds when running this emulator.

The Future

This page will hopefully be updated as more work is done on the emulator. Check the TODO in the emulator DOC-file for more info.